1. They always think they are right, and you are wrong.
  2. They HATE being told they are wrong, or when you disagree with them.
  3. When you have an opposing view on something, it has become their mission to prove you wrong because you are an ignorant and foolish little girl.
  4. They think they know everything about everything. (They don’t.)
  5. They like talking about topics about which they know nothing, yet pretend that they are experts on this topic.
  6. When they form a group of more than 2 older men, they all are experts on shit none of them are qualified to talk about.
  7. They reject arguments based on logic to support their already existing preconceived notions and beliefs (based on nothing).
  8. Mansplaining.
  9. They can’t handle the fact that you might know more about a certain subject than they do, so they start getting a little crazy.

Bonus reasons:
11. They won’t let you finish talking before interrupting you/talking over you.

An Open Letter to Older Women:

Dear Older Women,
I get it now. I finally understand. To you I owe everything I have today. I am thankful for your struggles and the sacrifices you have made to get me here. I thank you for raising your sons better than their fathers were raised. That’s all you. You moulded your sons to take on their fathers’ best qualities, and you ensured they shed their worst ones, the ones that held you back and suppressed your spirit.

I only have to deal with the shitshow of conversing with men of older generations a couple times a year. For you, this has been your life since you reached adolescence, since you got your first job, since you got married. Thank you for taking the bullet. Thank you for absorbing the shock. Thank you for raising a generation of men who are slightly better than their fathers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
With all my heart,

PS: I’m sorry.